Prepare for Your Visit

Ask Your Fabricator First

Your time is valuable and we’d hate to waste it.

Be sure to ask your fabricator these key questions before visiting our showroom, to better help us serve you.

• Do I need an appointment?
• Are they open on weekends?
• Where is the entrance?
• Who should I talk to when I get there?
• What price range am I selecting from?

• How many slabs should I tag?
• What length is needed for the longest run of countertop?
• Who should I contact with hold information?

Stone Showcase FAQs

Pricing is based upon your individual kitchen design and layout and, therefore, must be determined by your fabricator. Sink cutouts, edging, waste, and installation are all major factors when calculating your pricing that prohibit Stone Showcase from giving pricing.

Once you have selected your stone, simply inform your fabricator and they will handle the purchasing process.

While our showrooms are open to the public, Stone Showcase is strictly a wholesale distributor. Because of this, slab material may be purchased only by authorized fabricators. If you are a homeowner interested in purchasing from Stone Showcase, please contact your fabricator. If you are a fabricator interested in establishing an account with Stone Showcase, please reach out to your local Stone Showcase representative.

No. We work with too many wonderful fabricators to recommend just one! If you are looking for a fabricator to assist with your design needs, check out your local yellow pages or look online.

No. We work exclusively with fabricators. Since we don’t cut any materials, we don’t have any remnants.

Yes. You can request samples by contacting your local Stone Showcase warehouse.

As natural stone is extracted, not manufactured, individual slabs will vary in color, tone, granularity, pattern, etc. These variations are expected and are what make each stone uniquely beautiful. Stone Showcase is happy to provide you with samples of the stone you are considering. However, we strongly encourage you and your clients to visit the warehouse and see the stone in-person before selecting your surface.

When a block of natural stone is processed, it is cut into slabs by a large gang saw. Once the slabs are cut, they are laid flat to be polished, and then bundled together in the same order at the other end of the processing line. Book-matched slabs are slabs which were right next to each other, but have been polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are placed side by side, you will see that they are almost a mirror image of each other. Veining can be matched up by your fabricator to create one unbroken pattern. Book-matched slabs can be used with stunning results for large kitchen islands.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the cost of each type of stone. These include, but are not limited to, the quality of the stone, supply and demand, and the value of the US dollar. Pricier materials may contain semi-precious stones, require more skill and careful attention during the processing and fabrication process, or travel a longer distance from quarry to port.

Yes. Marble is a durable material that can be used for kitchens, but the look and the required maintenance are not for everyone. Marbles are calcium-based materials and are, therefore, susceptible to etching, staining, and scratching. Etching occurs when acids microscopically eat away at the surface of the stone, leaving dull spots in the material. This effect can be visually minimized by using a honed surface instead of a polished surface. To minimize damage, we recommend wiping up any spills that occur immediately, and applying a penetrating sealer. Despite the maintenance that marble requires, marble countertops have been used for centuries to epitomize elegance. The stone’s patina (the change that occurs over time) is part of its beauty and tells a story of meals enjoyed with family and friends.

We are very strict about which factories produce our surfaces. Some of our factories use Breton Technology and others use technology that is of the same quality as Breton. Breton is a brand and the quality of the product that Breton machines produce is in no way superior to comparable machines by alternate names. All of our Element Quartz is of the highest quality and is always finished with Breton Polish.

Stone Comparison Chart

MOHS HARDNESS 6-6.65 3-5 2.5 7 8
SEALANT SUGGESTED stone specific stone specific